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Grow your audience

Grow your network through LinkedIn outreach


1000 Hillswood Park

  • 75K square foot workspace in Chertsey.

    Targeted audience growth to owned data.

    Awareness content to attract connections.

    Messaging outreach programmes to engage.

    Generating better-qualified leads in your pipeline.

1000 Hillswood Park

Grow your network through LinkedIn outreach with branue.com

From zero to 555 connections in five months

The brief.

Build awareness of the project through a LinkedIn page and achieve an uplift in; connections, followers and profile viewers.

The client.

Real estate services company.

The project.

Workspace undergoing a net zero carbon refurbishment putting sustainability at its core.

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Messaging outreach programmes

We help your business choose the right industry themes to build a narrative. For instance sustainability, ESG, net zero and workplace wellness.

Helping to attract targeted audiences and nurture your community, engaging and building brand perception.

From top of funnel to middle funnel content we generate the best lead volumes and unify them with your sales team in real time.

Discover new connections

job titles


Selection of relevant audience segments using keywords in the job titles to match the project with appropriate stakeholders.