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About Us


Created in 2018, Branue is a digital marketing, data and CRM agency that specialises in Marketing Technology. The team are digital transformation experts and work at the nexus of Strategy, Creativity and Implementation to help your business grow.

Branue was borne out of the vision that brands connect increasingly online and persistently in new ways, hence BRANUE. We help your brand connect in new ways.

Sharing your unique ethos and story through the digital ecosystem is our forte. Obsessing over the experience, nurturing leads and honing loyal advocacy with your community. 

We are your best partners in this mission as your customer connection is our goal and we help you achieve the growth you're looking for.


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Tech, data and marketing, we value personalisation in a hyperconnected world

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HubSpot Marketing Automation Lead

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Marketing Automation Specialist

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Content & Social Media Executive

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growth inbound marketing

Growth Marketing Manager/Executive 

Meet the Team

Allison Alexander

Founder & MD

Jordan Manfre

Digital Marketing Exec

Marcus Alexander

Creative Director

Wesley Gromniak

Client & CRM Lead


Omari Kersen

Social Media

Yasemin Godel

Data Analyst

Dr. Mitra Noosha

Doctor of Data Science

Alison Perkins

Global Head of Communications

Our Values

Our Work

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