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We have been working with Fusion Finance for 3 years now and we have provided their brand, content, new website, CRM and marketing automation, social media management and advertising. When the pandemic hit, Fusion Finance were unable to meet their customers and prospects in person across the nationwide primary and secondary schools.  The digital transformation needed to go up a gear and they needed transformation fast!


Branue not only provided support on their social platforms but also developed a brand-new website centred around the customer journey and brand identity. We created an introductory video recorded via zoom and implemented a marketing automation pipeline, nurturing prospects from watching the video to booking their free consultation.  We repurposed newsletter content into social posts and started testing advertising campaigns.


The video was watched to either full or majority duration and people started finding the Fusion Finance website organically. The customer journey showed people were having a look around their whole site keeping interest with useful content and triggering bookings.


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